Best Over Counter Prostate Supplement-Top Rated Prostate Supplements.

One of  the most challenging task in taking prostate health pills, as good as they appear, is knowing which one to choose from in the midst of dozen of pills all promising great result.In this review, we cumbed through catalogue of high performing and quality list of supplements and narrowed it down to what we considered the Best Over Counter Prostate Supplement.

There are many men who suffer with problems of their prostate gland. The prostate gland is a male reproductive organ which produces fluid that protects and feed the sperm. With age many men experience urinary changes which might be caused by the enlargement or the inflammation of prostate gland. Using supplements to prevent problems that could be caused because of prostate gland is a smart choice and also helps you be free from any diseases.

There are many supplements that have been manufactured by various companies and are in the market, we have  down here the best prostate supplement reviews for you.  These supplements will help you nourish your prostate gland as well as have a healthy life.



  1. Cellusyn Labs Prostarelief 1100mg


Price: $24.95

The pack contains 60 capsules and has ingredients like saw palmetto, bets-sitosterol. Stinging nettle root extract and pyguem. Although these supplements are 100% natural and safe it is recommended that you consult your doctor before you start using it. You need to take 2 capsules a day and on no conditions exceed 6 capsules on a daily basis. Prostarelief offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.



  • Consists of proven ingredients and offers money back guarantee.
  • Naturally boost your prostate health through the all- natural ingredients.
  • Made in the USA.



  • The product is not GMP certified.
  • Few reported that the product didnt work for them.

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2.     Saw Palmetto for Prostate Support

Price: $12.25

Health Factors Saw palmetto for prostate support supplement helps the men to strengthen their flow of urine, get proper sleep and reduce the urgency to urinate continuously. Not only bthat, it also help fight gross hair loss. This product contain natural sterols such as beta-sitosterol and fatty acids, which have been reported to inhibit the effects of 5 alpha reductase . This brand of saw palmetto is 100% safe, real and natural. Besides, its home grown in the USA.



  • There are no containments, bacteria or any heavy metals present in the supplement.
  • Price is realtuively low and that makes it affordable for lots of people.
  • Made in the USA in an FDA and GMP monitored facility.



  •  Few reported cases of allergic reactions with the powdered ones.

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3.    Prostarex

Price: $95.85

Prostarex supplements have a natural blend of ingredients which help you fight all the problems caused by prostate gland. The Supplements has the perfect mixture of the best anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic herbs. It is specifically formulated to maintain a healthy prostate gland while also providing support to prevent complications arising in the future.

Prostarex ingredients are scientifically researched and are of the highest quality, you can take them without being worried about any side effects. You can experience your inflammation and urge to urinate disappear in a few weeks after you take the supplements.



  • Natural products assure that there will not be any side effects.



  • The price might be too high for some people; market has other products offering the same solutions for less.


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4.      Prostavox

Price: $ $106.48

According to its manufacturers Prostavox has two types of effects: it reduces the DHT levels in the body which is responsible for an enlarged glad and it also reduces the inflammation and relieves urinary symptoms. Prostavox uses natural ingredients to make the supplements and has pumpkin seeds, cranberry, pomegranate seeds, saw palmetto, selenium and zinc. Pumpkin seeds are helpful in relieving bladder discomfort whereas cranberry helps in treating urinary infections. Other ingredients help in the overall good functioning of the prostate gland while improving sexual performance as well.



  • All the ingredients are listed and explained.
  • Contains all natural ingredients.



  • Scientifically the product has not been proven.
  • The Price might be a littel over the bar for some genuin users.


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5.      AI Sports Nutrition Life Support 2.0

Price: $25.99

The supplements of AI Sports Nutrition is a natural dietary supplement which has been specially designed for an overall healthy body and the prevention of any age related or exercise induced damages. It contains nutrients that will strengthen your immune system, increase nutrient transport and oxygen. You will also be able to keep any prostate disease far if you take these supplements. The milk thistle extracts help in blocking the toxins so that your liver may be toxic free, which reduces inflammation and fights free radical damage. There are 120 capsules in a bottle which is a 30 day dose.



  • Supports good liver besides resolving the prostate problem.



  • A couple of ingredients like B-6 and B-5 could have been replaced for better products.

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6.      High-T Senior.

Price: $33.99

High T Senior has the perfect combination to fight the testosterone levels in an aging male. The supplements are enriched with Vitamin B12 which helps in reducing physical help, mental stress, muscle weakness and improves sexual drives. All the ingredients are natural and helps in fighting the diseases related to prostate gland. Besides it also helps you keep up your stamina and increase muscle mass. It helps in an overall functioning of a male body and keeps you fit and on the go.



  • They offer money back guarantee if you think the product is not working
  • All Natural ingredients
  • Great product for increased libido



  • some customers complained of stomach pain and discomforts, nausea and rashes.


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7.      Futurebiotics Prostadvance

Price: $11.95

Futurebiotucs Prostadvance consists of all clinically proven natural ingredients which is exactly what you are looking for in a supplement meant for prostate challenges. It has combined the benefits of plant sterols, saw palmetto and tomato fruit which help your body to provide the required nourishment to the prostate gland and keep it healthy. There are 90 capsules in a bottle and the company seems to be selling out on the product. There are many good reviews about Futurebiotics.



  • The supplement is proven to be easily absorbable.
  • presence of lycopene makes it a fantastic natural product for prostate health.
  • More people reported great improvement in their prostate health



  • Any clinical studies data have not been mentioned.

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8.      Virmax P

Price: $14.99

Adding Virmax P to your daily routine will help you successfully fight all your prostate problems. All the ingredients used are safe and effective so you can be assured that the supplements will have no side effects. The supplement consists of Vitamin D which promotes cell growth in the prostate gland and helps in reducing inflammation. Presence of zinc helps in lowering the chances of you getting an enlarged prostate while also keeping a balance of zinc in your body. Virmax also helps in reducing the urge to urinate frequently especially during the night.



  • It additionally captures free radicals which could result in cell damage.



  • Customers have experienced rumbling stomach and nausea.


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The information in this article is intended for educational and informative purposes only. It is not by any means intended as medical or health care advise and should be constructed as such.

You are advice to seek the care of a qualified Health care provider for guidance in making individual health care and dietary decision.












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